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Property Division

At Kennedy & Kennedy Law Office in Mankato, we know that one of the most important issues in any divorce is the division of marital property. Under Minnesota law, marital property is to be divided between the spouses in an equitable manner. This applies to assets and wealth acquired during the course of the marriage, including:

  • The family home
  • Vehicles
  • Retirement accounts (401Ks, IRAs, pensions, etc.)
  • Stocks and bonds
  • Business and professional practice assets

We Are Well-Versed In Negotiation And Litigation

Division of marital property is often one of the most contentious issues in divorce, but with the help of a knowledgeable lawyer, property division can be negotiated successfully without going to court.

Court is costly and time-consuming. If you can reach an agreement on marital asset division through negotiations, it is cost-effective and will likely give you a more satisfactory result.

We recognize, however, that there are times when it will not be possible to avoid divorce litigation. For example, when one person refuses to negotiate in good faith or when a former spouse is lying or hiding income. At Kennedy & Kennedy Law Office, you will work with a divorce lawyer who is a conscientious and knowledgeable ally in seeking what is rightfully yours in divorce court.

Discuss Your Legal Needs With An Experienced Lawyer

To discuss property division concerns, divorce settlements and other legal matters with a knowledgeable Minnesota divorce attorney, contact our law offices at 507-550-1519 or contact us online.