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Child Custody Support Disputes

Every parent wants what’s best for his or her child. That’s part of what makes child custody and support disputes so contentious.

At Kennedy & Kennedy Law Office, our attorneys recognize that divorce and other family law disputes require more than just knowledge of the law and a winning legal strategy. They also require sensitivity to what is in the best interests of our clients and their children during a difficult time.

If you seek legal representation that is focused on protecting your parental rights and the best interests of your children, we are here for you.

Helping Parents In Minnesota Navigate Children’s Issues In A Divorce Or Separation

The personalized approach we take in your case will depend on many factors, including your relationship with your (ex-) spouse or partner, your financial situations and whether you have specific custody objectives.

  • One way we can resolve disagreements is to negotiate directly with your spouse/partner and his or her lawyer with the goal of reaching a custody agreement that serves the best interests of your children. This can be a preferable way to settle the terms of child custody and visitation if you and your spouse/partner have an amicable relationship.
  • If compromise is not possible, we will argue your side before a family court judge. The judge will consider many factors, including the needs of the children and the relationship with the parents. We will present the most compelling arguments that benefit you while also ensuring that your children will be well taken care of.
  • Because Minnesota uses a child support formula, it is important that the family court has accurate information about you and your spouse/partner’s finances. Child support amounts also depend on the percentage of visitation time a parent has with the children at issue. We ensure that child support outcomes are fair to our clients, whether they are paying or receiving support.

Our firm can handle cases where one parent is in Minnesota and the other is out of state. We can also represent you if you are seeking to modify or prevent a modification of existing child custody or support order.

Modification Of Existing Court Orders

Your income may increase or decrease during the years your child support order is in force. If your income changes significantly (more than 10%), either parent may ask for a modification of the child support order seeking a reduction or an increase in child support payments. If you are unsure if your income has changed enough to request a change, give our office a call. We can advise you on the Minnesota child support law.

Protect Your Parental Rights. Contact Kennedy & Kennedy Law Office.

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