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How can nesting improve your custody arrangement?

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2021 | blog

After a long and tiring divorce, you may worry about how your child will adjust to his or her new family life. 

Nesting, or when two ex-spouses take turns living in a place of residence while the child stays there permanently, is one cooperative way to ensure you can take care of your child. 

Gives your child a sense of security

According to NBC News, many people choose this method of co-parenting in order to provide a stable home environment for a growing child. Instead of forcing him or her to change schools or homes, this arrangement allows for the child to stay in one place during this tough transition. 

Stress from a divorce can always affect a child, but nesting can help ease that separation anxiety many children feel. Arranging a common routine for who lives where at what time into place can also help everyone quickly settle into this new pattern of living. 

Helps you collaborate healthily

Since you and your ex-spouse must work together, communication and respect are key. Leaving reminder notes or tidying up during your stay at the house can help you both learn to communicate better. Sharing this space with him or her can also help you both form a healthy relationship after a divorce. 

This respect can be especially important for the sake of your child, so that no bad-mouthing or parental manipulation occurs. Staying friendly with your ex-spouse can help you both avoid conflicts and arguments that could harm your child’s emotional well-being. Nesting is one option that you have after a divorce in order to make life easier for your child and yourself.