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A word to Minnesota college students facing criminal charges

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2023 | Criminal Defense

It can be difficult to be away from home under the best circumstances. However, if you were facing criminal accusations, you might feel the effects of this isolation even more.

Acting emotionally would probably not benefit you or improve the outcome of your case. Here are some things to understand about criminal charges that might help you keep a level head.

It is not the end of the world

While criminal charges might be reasonable cause for distress, you should generally not let them make you despair. Arrests, charges and even convictions are all parts of a formal, balanced criminal justice system. This system ideally gives you the opportunity to protect your rights while still promoting a safe, secure society.

It is important to remember that you still have a future. The way that you handle your case is likely to have a large impact on that future, at least in the short and medium terms.

Different schools have different rules about crime

Your university probably has specific rules regarding your accusations. Similar to your case in criminal court, it is likely that your case at your university would be relatively complex.

For example, Bethany Lutheran College has a prescribed set of sanctions for substance abuse violations. Some of these sections involve notifying the local police. Some involve expulsion. However, all of the sanctions would allow you to appeal the college’s decision. The administration may also adjust or add actions.

Could your arrest impact your scholarship? Could you face jail time? These are frightening questions that could cause you extreme anxiety. However you choose to proceed, please remember that your choices have an impact on your future; do not allow stress to motivate you into taking rash, unconsidered actions.