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What you must never do when facing accusations of shoplifting

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2023 | blog, Criminal Defense

Stores depend on paying customers to keep their operations afloat. Because of this, they view shoplifting as an existential crisis. Meanwhile, the data suggest the problem is an insignificant threat to their livelihoods.

Regardless, companies bring the weight of the law down on those they think are stealing. Should an employee accuse you of such a crime, your actions can influence the outcome.

Never argue with the staff

Frustration may build if store representatives demand your presence while officers investigate. Still, verbal aggression increases suspicion and reflects poorly on your character. Keep emotions in check, as losing control suggests there is something to hide.

Never explain the situation

Say nothing rather than spelling out your side. The more you talk, the more likely you are to misspeak or verbalize that which could come back to haunt you. Avoid the possibility of self-incrimination by keeping your lips shut. Simply producing a receipt should be enough.

Never offer to pay for the items

The supposition is that you are trying to escape the store without paying. Offering cash for the products in your possession confirms your guilt in the eyes of others. Do not give further reason for them to feel this way.

Never provide personal information

Employees are not representatives of the law. Thus, they have no right to demand your name, address or phone number. Politely decline if they make such inquiries. Of course, it is mandatory that you correctly respond with such info to the police.

You may one day face accusations of shoplifting, even if you are innocent. Avoiding punishment could depend on your reaction. Remain conscious of your choices during such an incident.