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How divorce could affect your job

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2022 | blog, Family Law

Going through a divorce can be a high-stress situation for any family. Sometimes that stress can impact other aspects of life, such as your job.

Divorce can have both positive and negative effects on job performance, according to a recent study.

Negative impact of divorce

Researchers surveyed over 500 people who had gone through a divorce in the past five years. Of that group, 44% reported that their divorce negatively impacted their jobs. Many said they struggled to focus on their jobs while dealing with the traumatic impact of divorce on their personal lives. Members of this group said they sometimes felt irritable, exhausted or hopeless or lost their tempers at work.

Positive impact of divorce

Researchers also found that 40% of the group they surveyed said that getting divorced positively impacted their jobs. The respondents attributed this uptick in job performance to a renewed sense of career motivation and the chance to get a fresh start.

Additionally, some people said divorce provided them with more energy to invest in their careers or pursue educational opportunities. Others credited having more time due to sharing parenting responsibilities with their former spouse. Some of those surveyed said that work was an escape from the stress of going through a divorce and some said divorce freed them from their spouse’s expectations.

For the majority of respondents, researchers found that job performance improved a year after the divorce. This suggests that even if you are struggling at work because of your divorce, your situation will improve with time. Talking to your manager about your situation can help.