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Factors that can affect child support awards

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2022 | Family Law

Whether you currently owe child support and want to modify the amount that you have to pay or you anticipate these obligations soon as a parent getting a divorce, it is vital to understand various factors that can impact the amount of child support that you owe. If you are working through the divorce process, having a clear understanding of these issues and providing all of the necessary information and required evidence.

Child support can generate high levels of anxiety, and staying caught is sometimes difficult (especially due to job-related challenges, medical emergencies, etc.). However, back child support can lead to serious consequences and you must do everything you can to stay current.

Courts review various factors when calculating child support

The Minnesota Department of Human Services goes over some of the different factors that courts look at when calculating the amount of child support a parent owes. For example, courts look at each parent’s income, child care costs, medical expenses, other child support orders and other legal children that live with either party.

Each party’s parenting time as well as the incarceration of the parent required to pay support can also affect how much child support a parent owes.

Getting ready for child support obligations

It is pivotal to prepare yourself for child support obligations that you expect to have in the near future. Setting aside money and having a clear understanding of your financial circumstances is important. Moreover, you should do everything that you possibly can to secure a fair outcome with respect to the court-ordered child support order.