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What are the benefits of utilizing joint custody?

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2022 | Child Custody

Parents going through divorce simply want what is best for their children, while also needing to meet their own personal parameters.

This is why joint custody is often a success for couples across the board. What is it, and how does it benefit families?

Understanding joint custody

First of all, what is joint custody? This form of custody exists to allow both parents to have an equal legal say over their child. They may share equal physical custody as well, but this is more difficult as parents do not usually end up staying in the same area after a split.

Joint custody allows both parents to raise their child together, rather than the once-standard method of one parent raising their child with the other simply getting visitation every now and then.

Benefits for parents and children

Psychology Today discusses how joint custody affects children of divorce. Many of these children develop healthier coping mechanisms compared to their peers. They have stronger relationships in both platonic and romantic situations later in life, too. They also have fewer reported instances of depression, anxiety and stress or trauma disorders based solely on their parent’s divorce.

It also impacts the parents of divorce in many positive ways. It allows parents to continue fostering a loving and supportive bond with their children while still working in the parameters of their comfort zone with one another.

The bond between parent and child is an important one. Joint custody is a great way of preserving that, for families that can make it work for them.