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Child support payment options in Minnesota

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2022 | Uncategorized

If you have to make child support payments, it is pivotal to do everything you can to simplify the process and make sure you stay current. Finding the most convenient child support payment method can help in this regard.

Additionally, if you expect to owe support soon because you are splitting up with your child’s other parent, it is vital to go over the different ways you can make payments and stay on top of your obligations. Failing to pay child support can result in serious consequences.

Ways you can pay child support

The Minnesota Department of Human Services covers the different ways that parents can make child support payments. Although a majority of parents pay support via income withholding orders, this is not possible for everyone. In Minnesota, you can also pay support online by registering with the state’s payment portal. You can mail a money order or check (make sure you provide all necessary information), or you can set up automatic recurring withdrawals.

In fact, you can pay with cash at a number of retail locations around the state, but you should note that they charge transaction fees and it can take four days for these payments to post.

The importance of staying current on child support

On top of providing your child with the support they count on, staying current on child support helps you avoid harsh penalties. For example, failing to pay support could affect your driving privileges, tax refund and passport, and may even lead to contempt charges. You should go over all of your options, such as modifying your child support order if you have experienced major financial changes and pay on time.