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What is Pro Se bankruptcy?

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2021 | Bankruptcy

Pro Se bankruptcy is when you file your case without the assistance of an attorney. You have the legal right to file pro se.

The US Courts explain that filing Pro Se is not something the court recommends because it opens your case up to errors and issues.

Responsibility is huge

You will not get any special treatment or help because you file pro se, so you have an obligation to understand and know all the court rules and regulations. You must follow all of them exactly as if you were an attorney. If you do not, the court could dismiss your case.

The rules and regulations involved in filing bankruptcy are quite complex. You need to understand the US Bankruptcy Code and any local court rules. You must know about exemptions and deadlines. You also need to ensure your paperwork is complete.

Advice is not available

You cannot expect the court or court personnel to assist you in any way with your case. They legally cannot help you. They can only answer questions about getting forms or other general information about filing your case. They cannot assist you with your paperwork.

Scams are plentiful

You may also become more susceptible to companies that offer to complete your paperwork for a small fee and assist you with filing. These companies usually have no legal standing. They cannot offer advice and can only enter information into forms for you, which is something you can do on your own. You hold all legal responsibility for anything these companies do.

Before filing pro se, you should ensure you are ready to take on the responsibility of the task.