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How can you co-parent during the school year?

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2021 | Firm News

If you are a new co-parent, you have to relearn how to communicate with your former spouse and raise your children.

Co-parenting can become a struggle for a lot of recently divorced parents. The Huffingtonpost has some tips on how to deal with the school year after a divorce.

Use electronic communication

Electronic communication is best for divorced parents. It allows the two of you have to have instant contact with one another. Additionally, many schools have electronic communication options available. You and your former spouse may be able to access your children’s grades and other school-related information.

Create a shared calendar

A shared calendar can streamline your week. You can create a free shared calendar via Google. You and your children’s other parent can share information about extra-curricular activities, doctor’s appointments and other school events. You can even use the calendar to share homework and project information.

The two of you should always have an idea of what your children have to do for school that week. You do not want to drop your children off on a Sunday without realizing that they do not have the supplies necessary to finish a project due on Monday.

Use two e-mail addresses

When it comes to communication with the teacher, teachers do not always know that a divorce happened. He or she may only communicate with one parent via e-mail. Make sure that the teacher knows about the divorce and that he or she has both e-mail addresses.

Nowadays, it is easy to communicate and share online. You and your spouse should use technology to your advantage to co-parent throughout the school year.