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How does parallel parenting benefit your family?

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2021 | Firm News

After a divorce, there are several different parenting methods that you can use to raise your children. For couples who cannot be amicable with one another, parallel parenting may be one of the best alternatives.

Healthline describes parallel parenting as a parenting strategy where the couple has little interaction with one another.

Parallel parenting avoids conflict

After a rough divorce, it is difficult to keep your feelings out of the interactions with your former spouse. If the two of you were hostile towards one another before the divorce, it may not resolve after. Parallel parenting minimizes your contact with your ex.

The two of you have a clear parenting plan and keep your lives separate. You do not attend doctor’s appointments together or show up at events with one another. All communication stays at a bare minimum. Children benefit because they are less likely to witness fighting between their parents.

Parallel parenting is straightforward

Parallel parenting plans are not flexible. You and your spouse create clear boundaries and decide how much time each of you spends with the children, what time the visits begin and end and where you pick up and drop off your children. When you have strict times, there is less room for argument or debate.

You should also have a plan in place in case there are disputes. When disputes happen, the two of you could meet with a court mediator or a neutral party to resolve the conflict.

Parents use parallel parenting to minimize fighting with their former spouses. Parallel parenting works best when you adhere to the rules that you set.