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Options for defending against drunk driving charges

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2020 | Criminal Defense

Defending against drunk driving charges is important because of the seriousness of the potential penalties and consequences accused drivers face. There are several different criminal defense approaches to drunk driving charges that drivers who have been pulled over and are facing DWI charges should be familiar with.

DWI charges require a strong defense. One way of defending against drunk driving charges is to challenge the legality of the traffic stop. It is also possible to challenge the facts as alleged by police and any witness statements. Alleged evidence being used against the accused individual may also be challenged.

Additionally, it may be possible to challenge the reliability and accuracy of both a breathalyzer test or field sobriety test. Both types of tests must be conducted according to the training received by the police officer and the police officer must be appropriately trained to administer breathalyzer and field sobriety tests. If a breathalyzer test is not maintained and properly calibrated at regular intervals, it may also be possible to challenge its reliability based on those factors. When conducting a breathalyzer test, the police officer administering the test must ensure the driver’s bodily functions do not interfere with the test.

DWI charges can greatly impact the personal and professional lives of accused drivers. They can threaten them in a variety of ways including with jail time, loss of a driver’s license and fines. Because of this, it is worth it to understand how a strong criminal defense strategy can provide important protections to accused drivers.