Wiping Out Debt With Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

It is said that the first step is always the hardest. This is especially true in the area of bankruptcy, where people may hesitate for months — or even years — before seeking help because they are intimidated by what seems like a complex legal process and a perceived stigma of seeking debt relief.

Nothing could be further from the truth. With help from the experienced Mankato consumer bankruptcy attorneys at Kennedy & Kennedy Law Office, the bankruptcy process can actually be straightforward and easy-to-understand. What's more, our attorneys take the time to ease our clients' anxieties and show that filing for bankruptcy is far from a sign of defeat. Instead, it's a chance to start again and build a better financial future.

Finding The Right Debt Relief Solution For Your Family

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is one of the most common types of debt relief in Minnesota. You may be a good candidate for Chapter 7 if you:

  • Have large debts from medical bills, credit cards or other sources that you struggle to pay down, or have given up trying to pay altogether
  • Have a relatively few assets that could be used to pay off your debts
  • Are struggling with constant phone calls and letters from creditors

The process of starting over using Chapter 7 is rather straightforward. We will gather all your information about both your debts and assets and file the required paperwork. Your case will be assigned to a bankruptcy trustee, who will oversee the process. Chapter 7 is often referred to as "liquidation" because the process involves identifying certain assets that can be sold in order to pay down a portion of total debts owed. In most cases, however, clients can keep most if not all of their belongings, including essential assets like a car.

There is one required conference that clients must attend — known as a meeting of the creditors or a "341 meeting" — but this is mostly a formality. In any case, we thoroughly prepare our clients for this and all other aspects of the bankruptcy process, and are available to answer their questions until their bankruptcy is finalized and all eligible debts are discharged.

Bankruptcy doesn't have to be a long, drawn-out process. In many cases, we can finalize bankruptcy in as little as a few months. In addition, our clients get relief from creditor harassment the moment they retain our services.

There Is A Way Forward From Debt. Talk To A Lawyer Now.

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